The Basic Steps to Perfect Golf.

By Philip A Gorfett.
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Lesson 3 - The Upper Body.(Changed -19/09/2018)


The rotation of the upper body during the down swing movement is the power house of the golf swing.This is where the majority of the power of the golf shot originates but the power of the upper body unit during the down swing movement can be greatly enhaced with the correct use of the hips.


The golden rule that relates to the upper body unit is that once the elbows have been pulled close together thus forming the triangular shape of the shoulders and the arms, the upper body unit must be strictly maintained in this compact condition from the moment the back swing begins, right through to the end of the golf swing movement, therefore the elbows must remain as close together as is physically possible at all times to ensure that the upper body unit remain in a compact condition.

However, regardless how tightly you hold the elbows together, during the back swing movement the right arm will gradually fold.


As the upper body unit rotates into the down swing movement, you must hold the left arm close to the right shoulder and the right elbow tucked into the waist until the club head strikes the ball -- this is very difficult to achieve at first because the urge is to swing the arms, but persevere and you will achieve the right movement.

As a point of importance, during the down swing movement the right arm will automatically begin to unfold unless you hold it in the folded condition, therefore this unfolding of the right arm should be delayed until the club head strikes the ball, but importantly the right elbow will move away from your waist unless you concentrate on this action.

( You must keep the arms in a totally passive condition throughout the down swing movement.)

Any independent movement of the arms is only allowed at the point of impact, where the right arm is forced into the fully straightened position.


As the compact upper body unit rotates around the central core of the spine during the down swing movement, the shoulders rotate from a position at the end of the back swing movement where the left shoulder is pointing to the ball position, to a position at the completion of the golf swing movement where the right shoulder is pointing well past the original ball position.

Therefore as down swing movement movement is performed, the only way that the upper body angles can be maintained is to use the waist line as a universal joint.


Most people will find it difficult to rotate the upper body unit whilst held firmly together as a one piece unit and golfers also have great difficulty holding the left arm close to the right shoulder until the club head strikes the ball , simply because they do no believe that enough power can be achieve by this method.

( See VIDEO )

However I can assure you that when you also learn to rotate the upper body unit whilst held in this compact condition and delay the release of the golf club during the down swing -- and then quickly turn the whole body to fully face the target area at the precise moment the club head strikes the ball, you will not only achieve plenty of power but also your accuracy will vastly improve.

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