The Basic Steps to Perfect Golf.

By Philip A Gorfett.
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Lesson 1 - The Set Up. ( Changed - 19/11/2018)

Before you attempt to strike a golf ball it is important to have the correct set up.



At the address position, you must concentrate on holding the arms so that the elbows remain as close together as  is physically possible. -- This  forces  the arms  to be totally passive to the movements of the shoulders. Begin the set up by standing tall and erect with the feet at least shoulder width apart but ensuring that the feet are parallel to the target line, but also ensure that the hips are very slightly turned towards the target area.
( If your stance is too narrow, the lower part of your body will sway.)

Your right foot should be slightly angled to the right at about five degrees from the straight position.

However the left foot should be angled towards the target area at approximately thirty degrees.

From this position introduce a very slight bend in the legs and simultaneously allow the upper body to lean slightly forward.

( Just stand tall, with a very slight flex at the knees - you must not bend over too much.)

At this point, the ball position depends on what club you intend to use.

The next important step is to set the right shoulder so that it is much lower than the left shoulder.
(This allows the right hand to comfortably grip the club whilst still maintaining a slight bend in the right arm.)

This slight tilt of the upper body to your right will also assist in setting the head so that the left eye is well behind the ball position.

However once you have set up the forward angle of the body and the slightly tilted angle of the upper body to the right, these angles must be maintained throughout the complete golf swing movement.

When you addressing the ball correctly you will feel as if you are holding your head well behind the ball and you are looking at the back of the ball.


Next, allow the shoulders to slump before pulling the elbows close together, thus forming a very compact upper body unit.

To set the arms in the correct position, allow the elbows to move away from the body as far as possible but still keeping the elbows held very close together and the upper arms touching the chest cavity.

When you have completed the action of forming the upper body unit into a compact unit, the next important step is to form the lower part of the body so that it creates a solid foundation. (See Lesson 2)

I cannot stress how firm the muscles of the legs, the thighs and the buttocks must be held throughout the complete golf swing movement so that the flex/bend in the legs can be maintained until well into the follow through movement.

Now that we have established a solid foundation on which to rotate a very compact upper body unit, let us deal with the other parts of the set up.

The Golf Grip.

The golf grip is one of the most important aspects of the golf swing therefore it is important to get this right if you wish to play very good golf, therefore have a good look at the section on the golf grip

The method that I prefer is the overlap grip with a slight variation.
( The hands are only used to hold the golf club, therefore the actual grip must remain as a light pressure throughout the complete golf swing.-- It is the combined action of the movement of the hips, the rotation of the upper body unit, the shoulder muscles and the action of straightening the right arm that delivers the power. )

Hands Position.

The hands should be set slightly to the left of the centre of your body so that the left forearm and the golf club form a straight line.
So whilst keeping the hands in the correct position, place the club head behind the ball whilst ensuring that your head remains well behind the ball.

(To hit the ball straight, set the feet, hips, shoulders and the head Parallel to the target line and with the face of the club square to the target line.
If you are addressing the ball correctly it will feel as if you have adopted a slightly open stance, you have not, but that it how it should feel.)

If you dropped a plumb line from the left eye directly to the ground, you will notice that the hands are well to the left of the position of the plumb bob, whilst the club head is only slight to the left of the position the plumb bob is hovering over.

Therefore during the down swing movement and the follow through movement, you must keep the head firmly held in this position so that the left eye remains well behind the ball position.

Formation of the Upper Body Unit

After you have set the upper body at the correct angles, the elbows must drawn as close together as is physically possible, thus ensuring that the shoulders and the arms rotate as a solid one piece unit.
(Once the upper body has been set in this compact condition, it is absolutely vital that the upper body unit remains in this condition throughout the complete golf swing movement, especially as the club head swings through the contact area.)

Head Position.

It is absolutely vital that the head does not move laterally away from the position it is set at the address position at any point in the golf swing movement.

You must learn how to perform the golf swing without allowing the head to sway away from the original address position.

It can be done, you simply have to concentrate on the task.


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