The Basic Steps to Perfect Golf.

By Philip A Gorfett.
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Introduction.(Changed - 20/09/2017)

I have played golf for many years and like many other golfers, I gradually learnt to play a half decent game of golf, literally by trial and error.

Over the years I have studied the technique of top class golfers, read countless golf magazines and digested all of the information that was offered to try to find out how the top golfers are able to consistently strike the ball with a high degree of accuracy in both direction and distance.

Unfortunately the Professional Golfers and the Golf Instructors who contribute to the various golfing magazines offer all sorts of advice about the golf swing but they do not clarify the absolute fundamental principles of the golf swing, therefore about twenty years ago I began to research the workings of the golf swing and have been quite surprised at the simplicity of the golf swing.

The information that I have gained by this extensive research has dramatically improved the quality of my golf -- and it can do the same for you as long learn the basic principles and the basic movements of the golf.

I have developed this web site so that anyone who is prepared to learn these basic principles will begin to play much better golf, much quicker, rather than learn it by trial and error as I did.


This is not a "quick fix" course of lessons, all of the movements that I describe will individually enhance the quality of your golf, but it important to understand that you have to practice each movement until it becomes embodied into the subconscious mind before you can hope to achieve any benefit on the golf course --- So do not expect too much, too soon.


I have listed the lessons in logical order so that the golfer can learn the correct movement of each part of the body by way of practice, therefore it is important that the instructions of each lesson are practiced thoroughly before moving on to the next lesson.

Failure to understand this principle of gradual change to your golf swing, will only cause the mind to become confused, so practice one movement very thoroughly before moving on to the next so make no mistake, it will take many months of learning these new movements before you will see any significant improvement.

However if you can discipline yourself to thoroughly learn each lesson before moving on to the next lesson you will achieve the maximum benefit from my lessons.

You will run through patches of poor golf due to you falling back to your old swing method, but slowly and steadily you will improve until the day you hit the perfect shot.

However, whether you swing the golf club at a fast speed or a slow speed there is one single item that applies:- " The mechanical movements of the golf swing remain the same"

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