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Slicing Action. (Changed -26/09/2016)


To explain what I mean by a slicing action.


As you make a full back swing movement the club head follows a swing path that swings the club head from being on the "parallel to the target line" at the address position to a position of being inside the "parallel to the target line" at the end of the back swing movement.

As the down swing movement is performed the swing path is reversed and this brings the club head back to the address position where it returns to being on the "parallel to the target line" and after the ball is struck the club head then travels along a line, albeit for a millisecond, where it remains square to the target line,

However a millisecond after the club head strikes the ball, the swing path of the club head then begins to move inside the "parallel to the target line", and this is what I consider to be a slicing action,
and it is the swinging action as the club head moves through the contact area that is important.

Therefore you must force the club head to swing hard into the follow through movement along this "inside line" whilst the club face remains square to the "parallel to the target line".


However for the action to be effective it is important to keep swinging the golf club right through the contact area but following the inwards swing path..


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