Original Address Position. ( Changed -30/09/2016)

The golf swing that I describe throughout these lessons is based on the ball being struck with the intention of it going in a straight line as opposed to trying to draw or fade the ball.

Therefore in order to hit the ball straight to a specific target point, at the address position you must make sure that the shoulders, the hips and the feet are all aligned to the target point .

The only exception to this rule is when chipping the ball, it that situation the feet are place in a slightly open position, which causes the hips to be partially facing the target area at the address position - however for all other shots, everything must be aligned to the target point.

Upper Body Condition.

To clarify the correct upper body address position for all golf shots, including pitching and chipping:-

It is important that the upper body is set so that it is slightly tilted to the right, the left shoulder must be slightly higher than the right shoulder, the shoulders must be set so that they are parallel to the target line and the head must be slightly behind the ball.

Therefore it is absolutely vital that at the precise moment the club head makes contact with the ball, you must ensure that the hands are back in the original address position, the right shoulder is beginning to rotate under the chin and the hips are partially facing the target area and the head is slightly behind the ball.

Basically all the major components must not go beyond the original address position until the ball has been struck.



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