The Basic Steps to Perfect Golf

Memory Retention. ( Changed -21/10/2017)

When you make any new physical movement, the subconscious mind begins to absorb the information.

However, this new information can only retained for a very short period.

Therefore you have to keep repeating the same movements over and over again before it is fully retained in the long term memory.

This short term memory retention is a tool that can be put to very good use on the golf course, especially for those of us who cannot devote the time needed to fully programme the long term muscle memory.

For example, it is easy to perform the action of rotating the hips towards the target area in order to begin the down swing movement when there is no golf ball in front of you.

However when it comes to combining the new movement with the action of striking the ball, the mind becomes confused because you are having to concentrate on carrying out two actions simultaneously, the action of rotating the hips and the action of striking the ball - one you are familiar with and one you are not.

So when you are on the golf range or on the golf course, always take about three or four practice swings and concentrate fully on the new movement, which in this example is to ensure that you begin to rotate the hips towards the target area whilst holding the shoulders at the end of the back swing movement for a milli-second.

You will find that as long as you carry out the full swing quickly after the practice swings -- i.e. before the short term memory retention facility begins to fade -- the subconscious mind will retain the basic information for whatever action you are trying to learn and allow the new movement to be carried out in semi-automatic mode, leaving the mind free to to concentrate on striking the ball.

This memory retention facility is applicable to all aspects of the golf swing, so whenever you are trying to change a part of your swing, use this method.

But remember you have to keep repeating a movement over and over again before it enters the long term memory and thus become an automatic movement.


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