The Magic Move (Changed - 30/03/2011)

This is an extract from an article by Harvey Penick, a mentor of Ben Crenshaw which I have embellished slightly, but the information contained is still as valid now as it was then.

" If there is any such thing as a Magic Move in the golf swing, to me it is an action that I stress over and over on the practice tee.

You have heard it from me many times by now, but I will say it again - to start your downswing, let your weight shift to your left foot and simultaneously rotate the hips towards the target area whilst simultaneously bringing your right elbow down to the side of your body.
These actions occur simultaneously.

However be sure your eyes are trained on the spot where the ball would be, and keep you head well back.

Practice this move again and again. You don`t need a golf club to do it.
Practice until you get the feeling and rhythm of it and then keep on practising.

When you learn the left foot/right elbow move as described above, you will hit the ball as if it is magic."


The "magic move" basically ensures that the hips have partially turned to face the target area and the right shoulder will have begun to rotate under the chin - before the club head strikes the ball.


From the precise moment the ball is struck, the hands and the club head move towards the target area at the same speed and simultaneously the lower part of the body quickly turns to fully face the target area.

(This co-ordination of the movement of the hands and the club head will only occur for a mill-second because the high velocity of the club head will quickly force the club head to overtake the hands, but nevertheless this action must occur.

After this milli-second whilst the hands and the club head move together in complete coordination towards the target area, the right arm is forced into the fully straightened position until both arms are fully extended.)



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