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Lower Back Muscles. (Changed - 27/08/2017)

The average amateur golfer has no idea what muscles are used to rotate the compact upper body unit during the back swing movement.

Therefore it is important to understand that it is the lower back muscles that rotate the upper body unit to the end of the back swing movement whilst the heel of the left foot remains firmly on the ground.

During the down swing movement and the follow through movement it is a combination of the hip movement and the lower back muscles that force the compact upper body unit to rotate.


By solely concentrating on the lower back muscles to rotate the compact upper body unit. it enable the unit to rotate as a one piece unit whilst the arms remain in a passive condition.


Locating the Lower Back Muscles.

To locate these muscles, put both arms behind your back, clench you fists and lift your arms as high as possible -- the lower back muscles are where the fists touch the body.






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