The Basic Steps to Perfect Golf

Hip Position throughout Golf Swing. (Changed - 1`3/02/2018)

At the address position the hips are frontal facing, the legs are frontal facing and the centre line of your hips is directly over the centre of your stance.

During the back swing movement the hips follow the movement of the shoulders and rotate away from the frontal facing position, but importantly, throughout the back swing the hips are allowed to sway away from the original address position as the weight of the body gradually moves onto the right leg.


It is vital that once the hips begin to rotate towards the target area, it must be a continual rotational movement from the moment you begin the down swing movement thus slightly leading the rotational movement of the upper body unit as it is forced to rotate into the down swing movement.

But importantly it is vital that the waist acts as a universal joint whilst the whole body turns to face the target area at the precise moment of impact



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