By Philip A Gorfett

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Chapter 1

Johnny was fourteen years old and lived in the heart of England on the outskirts of the city of Irmingham.

It was the second week of the long summer holidays and Johnny decided to take his two dogs for a walk on the Downs close to his home.

Johnny's mum warned him that thunderstorms were expected and said "he should come home straight away if there were any signs of a storm".

He played with the dogs for a quite a long time, however he noticed the sky was gathering dark clouds and possibly a storm was due so he decided to be careful and go home. However as they walked along the road the storm struck but as they were only a short distance from their home Johnny decided to make a run for it.

They were running along the road keeping close to the hedgerow to protect them from the heavy rain when he heard a thunderclap and the hedgerow crackling with the electricity charge that immediately followed.

Chapter 2

The next thing Johnny remembered was being licked on the face by one of his dogs and he had a peculiar sensation about himself and decided that he had been very close to being struck by lighting, however he picked himself up and carried on running down the road to get home as soon as possible.

When he arrived home he told his mum about his close encounter with the thunderstorm and said that he did not feel right and she sent him off to bed to have a rest, "you will be all right tomorrow" she told him.

However, the next day Johnny still did not feel any better, but as it was a nice sunny day his mum sat him in a chair in the garden and he slept for a short while.

As he was opening his eyes he thought he saw a misty shadow in front of him, he closed his eyes again to clear them but when he opened them again the misty shadow was still there. It stood about ten feet away from him and as he stared at the misty figure it was slowly forming into a figure of a young man and as it developed he could see a face beginning to form.

Chapter 3

As the minutes went by the face could be seen quite clearly to be a young man of about twenty-five years of age and well-developed muscular frame. It stood to a height of about 6'1" tall.

He did not recognise the figure but there was something about his facial expression that appeared to be familiar.

The figure stood in front of him, not moving at all, as if waiting for instruction. It appeared to Johnny that the misti figure wanted to communicate, but did not know how.
Johnny concentrated on the figure and was thinking out aloud as to how to get a reaction when to his amazement the figure spoke the very words that Johnny had mentally transmitted to him.

He began to experiment with Misti, (as he began to call him) and he soon realised that this figure was an older version of him, but how or why this figure was there was a mystery to Johnny at this moment.

When Johnny was not speaking or thinking the figure would revert back to the misty shadow, but as soon as he started to look and think about the figure, it would reappear as if it was ready to take instructions from Johnny.

All this activity was taking its toll and eventually Johnny began to get tired and fell asleep.

Chapter 4

After a while he started to wake and he recalled the vivid dream that he had experienced and felt that it had been so realistic. He opened his eyes, and the misti figure appeared in front of him.
It was not a dream - it really was happening!!!

He spent the rest of the day trying to understand how or why this figure has appeared and tried to fathom out what use it will be to him.

Every time Johnny's mother came out to see if he was all right, the Misti figure would dissolve, leaving only a faint trace of mist and unless one knew what to look for it would be almost impossible to detect.
Therefore at this stage h
e decided against telling his parents of the misti figure until he could show them that it existed, otherwise they may think that the incident on the downs may have made him unstable, -- perhaps, he was imagining things!!!

Over the next few days he became stronger and appeared to recover and became his normal self.

Chapter 5

It was by chance that one day in the garden whilst concentrating on Misti, that he had positioned himself opposite the garden shed door which had a glass panel and because it was a bright sunny day the glass panel acted as a mirror.
He observed himself in the reflection of the glass looking at the image of Misti -- and again he could see Misti as a very clear image -- however his own image had almost disappeared, except for a misty appearance, similar to the misti figure when he first saw it, but what he found peculiar was that from time to time the image that he saw of himself sitting in the chair appeared to go very faint, almost invisible, whilst the Misti image because very clear and human like.
It appeared to him that the two images were on a balancing scale so that when the image of him was strong, the other would be faint and visa-versa.

It was at this point that he realised the significance of the visions that the had seen a few days earlier when he had been sitting in the chair, his materialistic body and soul was being transferred in Misti, to an entirely different molecular structure.

Johnny gradually worked out that the two images, himself and Misti are always there but only one of the images can be very clear whilst the other one remains almost invisible.

The potential of this transformation was slowly dawning on Johnny, but he did not know how this power could be utilised but Johnny was convinced that this power could be put to good use, but how it could be used, mystified him.

It took two weeks for Johnny to fully recover from the lightening incident on the downs and the time was spent trying to get to grips with what had happened to him. It was becoming clear that although Misti was simply a reflection of his thoughts, it had the soul and morals of Johnny.

Over the next few days Johnny appeared to return to normal, and although he could faintly see Misti, the figure did not transform into a solid form as previous and he assumed that the misti figure was simply a figment of his imagination.

Chapter 6

A few days later he went down to the village and whilst sitting at a table in the square he noticed nearby a gang of youths intimidating an old lady, his first thoughts was how he would like to stop the youths bothering her.

At that moment he was immediately transposed into Misti and was standing alongside the group of youths and was confronting them.
They attempted to strike Misti but they could not hit him, their hands just went through him -- they could not believe that this was possible and therefore it made the youths look very foolish, it also frightened them and they quickly drifted into the crowd.

Afterwards, the old lady thanked Misti for his help and as he began walking back to where Johnny was sat before the transformation into Misti, but within a few steps he was immediately transformed back into Johnny. It happened so fast that nobody could possibly connect the two images.
Johnny worked it out that as soon as he sees a bad situation, his materialistic body and soul is immediately transposed into Misti and at the speed of light Misti arrives on the scene of the crime.

Nothing happened for a few weeks but whilst he was looking in the shop windows, he hear a cry ring out from nearby, somebody was shouting "Stop that thief" -- Almost immediately Misti appeared, and in a flash he had apprehended the thief and was escorting him towards the shop that had called for help.

Once again as soon as he left the scene of the crime, he was immediately transposed back into Johnny.


Johnny was beginning to realise that as soon as he was aware of a situation and if he felt that help was required, Misti would instantly materialise and tackle any given situation when needed.

Over the next few weeks there were many occasions that required the assistance of Misti and some of the confrontations involved the stopping of armed criminals.

Chapter 7

When Misti was fully materialised, Johnny found out that although his appearance showed him to be a solid mass, if anybody tried to strike him, the assailant would find that the weapon would simply pass through him harmlessly.

However, if he wished, he could also make his body as hard as steel so that nothing could go through his body, not even bullets or knives, thus frustrating the assailants.

Johnny, also realised that if an attacker attempted to strike a member of the public, as long as Misti was touching the person being attacked, or if contact was made through a human chain, the person being attacked would also be transformed into the molecular state that Misti adopted, therefore they would also be beyond harm.

He also discovered that Misti the Super Hero could alter the density of his body in milliseconds, from being very heavy, to a density lighter than air, which meant that he also had the capability to fly when required.
All he had to do was to adopt the lightest density and spring from the floor to any height he wished. To return to the ground, all he had to do is to increase the density of his body.

Furthermore if he was touching anyone, they would adopt the same density structure as Misti and could be could easily be carried out of harms way.

Chapter 8

Misti is totally immune to any harm whatsoever, but can only take action against criminals when initiated by the mental thoughts of Johnny.

However Johnny is a normal human being and therefore he is vulnerable to the normal risks such as illness and accidents, so he must ensure that he does not come to any harm whilst living a normal life, otherwise Misti will disappear and would no longer be able to help others in need.

Johnny looked forward to being able to help others for the rest of his natural life but he has to keep this unique gift from everyone, except his parents, and now was the time to tell them.

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