Key Movement. ( Changed -27/08/2016)

The Key Movement is an interaction of the arms that occurs as the club head swings through the contact area.


To perform this movement correctly you must wait until the club head strikes the ball before aggressively forcing the right arm into the fully straightened position.
However whilst the right arm is being straightened, although the club face remains square to the target line, the swing path of the golf club must follow a line that takes it inside the intended target line.

This is the one important technique of the golf swing that you must be aware of if you wish to play consistent and accurate golf.


Look at the video and notice how the shoulders remain fairly static in relation to the speed of the arms whilst the right arm is fully straightened.)

Most golfers do not know about this technique t
herefore if you learn to perform this movement correctly, you will have the ability to hit the ball long and straight.

Practice Routine.

Here is a practice routine that you can carry out whilst in your own home:-

The purpose of this exercise is to slowly repeat the movement of the arms from the precise moment the club head makes contact with the ball -- to just after the ball has been struck - (For the purpose of this exercise, the shoulders must remain static throughout.)

Place a golf ball on the ground to the left of centre of your stance and then adopt your normal address position.

Form the shoulders and the arms into the compact upper body unit by holding the arms so that the elbows are held as close together as is physically possible.

As you stand at this moment the shoulders and the arms have been formed into a compact, one piece, triangular shape unit, with the left shoulder slightly higher than the right shoulder, with the left arm straight, but with the right arm slightly bent.

Hold the shoulders very firmly in the address position (and by that I mean that the shoulders must remain firmly in the frontal facing position - i.e., held on the Parallel to the Target Line) -- In addition, the head must be positioned so that the left eye is well behind the ball and the head is firmly held in the Fixed Frontal condition.


Place the club head directly behind the ball and whilst continuing to hold the shoulders in the frontal facing position and with your head positioned so that the left eye is well behind the ball and whilst keeping the left arm straight, forcing the right arm to fully straighten whilst pulling the left hand slightly inside the target line.

( Remember you must keep the shoulders fully facing the frontal facing position throughout this exercise.)


Obviously there will be a point when the club face no longer remains Square to the Target Line, but this exercise shows that it is possible to extend the distance that the club face remains square to the target line as the club head swing through the contact area.


In order to perform this exercise correctly, the head must remain firmly positioned so that the left eye remains slightly behind the ball throughout the movement and the upper body angles must be maintained.

This is the very basic movement of what I call the "Key Movement" and once you are aware of it and how it is performed you can begin to expand the movement.

owever I must point out again that it is absolutely vital to the success of this movement that you keep the head positioned so that the left eye remains slightly behind the ball position and maintain the upper body angles as you carry out the Key Movement.

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