Fantasy Golf.

By Philip A Gorfett.

This a fantasy game of golf where you will have two choices at each stage,each choice has its own risk or rewards, you need to get to the green and hole out is as few strokes as possible.

The first hole is a par four of 395 yards, with bunkers on the fairway at 220yds and a bunker on both sides of the green.

Approximate distances -- Driver = 250yds /Three Wood =200yds / 5 Iron 160Yds / 7 Iron =140Yds / Nine iron = 120 Yds / PW = 90Yds / SW = 80Yds



(Three Wood)

You have struck the three wood very well and it went 225 yards, just past the fairway bunker, and you are nicely placed in the middle of the fairway -- now for your second shot, you are about 170 Yds from the centre of the green, which has bunkers either side to protect it -- you have to make a choice between a five iron to hit the distance in order to reach the green or a seven iron to leave the ball short, leaving a chip and run. --- (This is your 2nd shot)

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